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Agile Planning Poker

Planning Poker

Great teams +
Accurate Estimates = Committed Sprint

Planning Poker is one of the numerous but most efficient techniques for User Story estimation in Agile. Our digital card game helps software development teams plan their sprints with absolute confidence.

Use our planning poker tool to strike a conversation and get the absolute best Backlog Refinement or Sprint Planning sessions.

Estimate with 100% confidence level

Unlimited participants, unlimited sessions

Tap into your team members confidence levels

integrates with Jira, Azure DevOps, Rally, Trello, .csv files, etc.

Compatible across all devices

Customizable poker chips to suit your scoring and pointing scales.

Optionally ddd story titles, description and acceptance criteria for accurate estimates

Unlimited User Story import

Auto Reveal Cards

Customizable so that when the last person votes, automatically flip cards to see votes

Confidence Levels

Your team members can now express how confident or unsure they're when estimating, which taps into whether a user story is well understood or not.

Consusus Reached

Built-in recommendations based on algorithm. You can also estimate a story several rounds until team comes to a consensus


You can now designate certain team members as spectators and they will not be able to vote.